Trainings & Seminars

Training, Training, Training


True Colors award-winning cadre of trainers provide on-site and remote/on-line cultural competency and skill building training for social workers, clinicians, youth services and child welfare professionals, educators, and other professional audiences.

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In addition, True Colors provides student workshops and discussions regarding sexuality, gender, diversity and inclusion for middle school, high school and college students.

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True Colors can also provide individual case and agency consultation. Please contact us for more information.

Fee Structure:

Professional Workshops:
$425 /1.0 Hours $600 / 2.5 Hours $800 / Half day $1,250/ Full day
Youth Workshops:
$200 / 1 Hour $350 / 2 Hours $450 / 3 Hours 4+ Hours =
$150 per hour

These are our standard fees. Sliding scale rates are available as required. In addition, package rates are available for multiple sessions within the same agency. True Colors is an approved provider of State Department of Education Continuing Education Credits.

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