Ways You Can Help

Find the Level of Commitment that is right for you!

Open your heart and home to a teenager
It takes a quiet hero to take on the highest level of care and requires the most preparation, including a follow up interview, background check and home study as well as pre/post licensing training.  Do you have what it takes to build a home for someone who needs you desperately? Contact us for more information

Provide a little Respite Care
This is a briefer kind of fostering – you take in a child or youth for a few days, a week, a couple of weeks – whenever their current caretakers need respite for various reasons.  The background, home study and other requirements are the same as Fostering, but the training is briefer (about 9 hours all together). Contact us for more information

Got a big heart but no room in your house? Be a Mentor
The Safe Harbor Project Mentoring Program works to bring the benefits of mentoring to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) youth.  For a variety of reasons, existing programs – virtually without exception – overlook or ignore the needs of LGBT adolescents.  Understanding the issues that these young people face can create an environment where they can benefit from the adult caring and support that is at the heart of mentoring.  We offer two kinds of mentoring to fit your schedule—one-on-one where you spend a couple of hours a week with a youth or group mentoring where you spend a couple of hours a month at an activity with a group of young people. Click here for more information.

Can’t commit right now? Volunteer
If you are not able to commit to a specific level of care at this time, but still have some time and want to help, you can volunteer for True Colors on our Board of Directors, our conference organizing teams, office volunteers and a host of other activities. Click here for more information.

No time, but some resources?  Make a Donation
If time is an issue for you right now, perhaps you can donate resources.  Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and are used directly to support programs and activities related to our mission:  ensuring that LGBTI youth, adults and families are welcomed, valued and affirmed at home, in school, in our social service and mental health care agencies, in civil rights and in the community at large. Click here to make a donation.

For no-obligation information, or to find out about an open house near you, contact True Colors at 1-888-565-5551 or click here for an open house schedule.