Muse Uprising

Muse Uprising is a youth-led open mic dedicated to uplifting youth voices and celebrating youth identities. These events are free to attend and participate in, are open to all youth, and provide a space for youth to express their own voices in their own way. Muse participants connect with themselves, one another, and their communities using whatever performance media makes sense to them (including, but not limited to: song, music, spoken word, drag, costumes, dance, writing, comedy, etc). Looking for a space to try new forms of self-expression or share your voice? This is it!

Muse Uprising is more than just fun! Youth participants in Muse Uprising open mics are encouraged to:


  • explore new forms of self-expression, which can lead to a healthier form of expressing emotions and practicing self-care when facing challenging experiences;
  • find their own unique voice, which is an invaluable experience that can translate to all other aspects of a young person’s life;
  • break out of their “comfort zone” and share their voice in new ways, which will help them to advocate for themselves in other environments like school and work;
  • connect with other youth from nearby communities that they might not have had the chance to meet with otherwise, which will enrich their social lives;
  • feel affirmed, validated and appreciated by their community through the experience of performing in whatever way they choose to

Every open mic needs an audience, so please feel free to attend these amazing one-of-a-kind shows! Muse Uprising events are open to everyone regardless of age; stage time preference will be given to youth performers.

Stay tuned for updates on the dates of future Muse Uprising events!