GSA Newsletter

GSA Newsletters go out to every advisor and student on our mailing lists, which you can join by clicking here. These newsletters give GSAs a chance to connect with True Colors and each other, learn about upcoming events, and hear about awesome things GSAs are doing across the state. Every newsletter includes a calendar of our events, a list of important dates and holidays in that month, a GSA Highlight, and our GSA Hero of the Month. You can read this month’s Highlight and Hero below; soon we will be archiving the highlighted GSAs and Advisors of past months on our website!


Every month, the True Colors GSA Newsletter will highlight one or two different GSAs from around the state. In doing this, we hope to support GSAs in sharing ideas and connecting with one another. Here is some of what we have talked about:

  • The ‘grey area’ teachers often occupy in our lives; what are they allowed, or not allowed, to say or support?
  • Ways we definitely CAN ask our schools to support queer youth across the state, like hosting trainings or supporting gender neutral bathrooms and graduation gowns.
  • Team building, goal setting, event planning, issue discussions and more!

Is your school looking for a GSA visit or student or staff training? Let us know and your school could be our next highlight!


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