GSA Ambassadors

GSA Ambassadors serve as an essential link between True Colors and their individual GSAs. The goal of the GSA Ambassador is to ensure effective communication between their GSA and True Colors, as well as between their GSA and nearby GSAs (a relationship supported by True Colors). This role will support a solid, effective network of GSA student leaders, increase participation and involvement in activities, and further the reach of important information.

Through their work with True Colors, GSA Ambassadors will develop communication and leadership skills within their own GSAs. Ambassadors connect through monthly emails, a Facebook group, and GSA summits. They represent their school and community by making appropriate suggestions to True Colors about a variety of topics during the school year. They help students in their GSA access information about True Colors programming and activities, and share information about their GSA’s activities with True Colors.

True Colors hopes to have one or two Ambassadors from EVERY high school and middle school GSA join our network. Does YOUR school have a GSA Ambassador?