GSA Visits

True Colors’ GSA & Youth leadership Programs consist of:

Is your GSA interested in having a visitor from True Colors attend one of your meetings? We do that! Our Youth Activities Coordinator (and members of our Youth Leadership Team if it works with their school schedules) will attend one of your meetings to learn more about you and your group, share information about True Colors programs, and be a part of a great conversation.

We visit thirty or more GSA meetings during the  school year, and we’d be happy to come to your school too! Students or advisers can request a visit: to do that, click here! We will be in touch to discuss scheduling and details as soon as we can.

Here are a few things GSAs did during our visits last year:

  • Built ally chains and discussed intersectional allyship
  • Brainstormed workshops for the upcoming conference
  • Practiced delivering their workshops and asked for feedback
  • Played “queer bingo” and discussed how labels and definitions can change
  • Learned about gender neutral bathrooms and discussed requesting them at school
  • Planned for an upcoming GSA summit

What will YOUR GSA visit look like?