Volunteer Information

Volunteering for TC XXVII:  Just as I am!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We have a limited number of slots available on a first come-first serve basis. True Colors reserves the right to accept, or not accept, any application to volunteer.

The success of the True Colors Conference depends a great deal on our volunteers. We couldn’t put on this incredible event without YOU! As you think about volunteering, remember that A LOT depends on you. You are vitally important not only to True Colors, but to the youth and adults who attend! Your smile, your efforts, your willingness and enthusiasm can make (or break) a participant’s experience.

Volunteering is broken down into three hour shifts on Thursday (set up), Friday, and Saturday. For every three hour shift you complete, you are entitled to spend the remainder of your time that day enjoying the conference and attending workshops. Two three hour shifts provide you with two free days (outside your shifts). Completing one/both shifts on Thursday provide(s) you entrance on the day(s) you choose. Some volunteers decide to volunteer for only one shift while others dedicate the full weekend to volunteerism!

During your work shift and anytime you are wearing the volunteer staff t-shirt,

Before filling out your volunteer application, please review our volunteer policy.

Submit your volunteer application here