Inclusion is a core value for True Colors.

We make every effort to ensure that every youth who wants to participate can
whether they have the money for their registration costs or not.

There are three ways that individuals or schools can get costs reduced:

  1. Become a conference volunteer! For every shift you volunteer (Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday ), you get one day of the conference free! Serving as a volunteer is a rewarding job that requires quite a bit of responsibility. It is expected that everyone completes their assigned job with positivity and enthusiasm.  Interested?  Fill out a volunteer form here.  There are a LIMITED number of volunteer slots.
  2. Submit a Workshop that is selected (Up to THREE Presenters per workshop are free.)   submit a workshop 
  3.  Request a  TD Bank Forever Proud scholarship application* .  The scholarship can cover up to 50% of the cost of registration and/or transportation for your group. 

The due date for scholarship applications is
January 15, 2020 or until the money runs out;

TD Bank Forever Proud Scholarship Funded by the Generous Support of: