True Colors Annual Conference

True Colors 27:  Just as I am


The True Colors MiniCon Series

Every Friday from May 22, 2020! – June 26, 2020, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

In spite of some technical glitches (now resolved), the first episode of our Six Week MiniCon is in the books.  Missed it?  You can watch on our Youtube Channel, along with the videos we weren’t able to play live during the event, from Carl Alexander and Nia & Ness.

You won’t want to miss Week Two, Friday, May 29th from 2:00 – 4:00 when we explore gender.  We will be using a combination of live conversation and prerecorded videos.  (the prerecorded videos are up now for your convenience)

Here’s the 411 on the live & prerecorded agenda:

May 29th MiniCon Series Agenda

Want to watch live? It’s Easy!

Streams live on: and


 1:30 pm (EST):  Past conference videos (get a taste of what it is like to
actually BE at the True Colors Conference);  

2:00 pm (EST): The live MiniCon begins.  This week’s episode explores the spectrum of gender. 


MiniCon Series Schedule


Conference Testimonials

I could compose 13,000 tweets about how much I love True Colors and all the people & performers there

I’ve never felt as proud as I am today to be bisexual I was surrounded by so much positivity and great, understanding people

So excited to have been the true me at #TrueColors23

The one time in my life I’ve felt truly accepted #TrueColors23

#TrueColors23 was supa lit yesterday. The reason I keep coming back

I was feeling low, so they took my hand. We’re one family #TrueColors23

Loving how accepted, happy, and loved my students feel when we come here every year!!!

I recently attended the conference at UConn and was blown away at what an amazing conference it was. Thank you for all the wonderful workshops, speakers, and useful information.

A* LOVED True Colors! It is so great to hear about his experience. I am so happy to hear that you were able to take him this past weekend-it is a great experience for him!