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The more you can give, the more youth can come. The conference changes lives.
Please help!

Last year, True Colors was able to offer $8,500 in scholarships (against $17,000 in requests from schools across the state). Much of that scholarship money was donated by a Commission that was disbanded under the recent budget cuts. As a result, our ability to offer scholarships is sharply limited. UNLESS YOU CAN HELP!

§ It costs True Colors $75 for each youth who attends both days (We charge $45). Your donation gets a kid to the conference who might not otherwise be able to go

§ The average school sends two chaperones to support their students. Adult registrations are $95 each. Your donation of $190 will allow two chaperones to participate – that allows 20 youth to come! Wow!

§ On average, it costs a school $450 for a bus to transport students to the conference. Some schools have the resources to afford that - and many do not.

Sponsorship Amount

Any amount you can give, can help. Use this button to donate any amount that works for you and your budget:





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