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1st Quarter 2016
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What True Colors Does:
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True Colors Inc: System Experiences Serving Gender Non-conforming Youth

True Colors Executive Director wins National Award!

True Colors Annual Reports. Click either image below for the full report.

2014 Annual Report 2011 Annual Report

Download the 2015 990
Download the 2015 Audit and Financial Statement

Download the 2014 990
Download the 2014 Audit and Financial Statement

Download the 2013 990
Download the 2013 Audit and Financial Statement

Robin McHaelen, Kamora Herrington & Our True Colors: Truly Transformational for Today's Gay Youth with Lady Justice. Click here to read more!

Because of you: 24 Teens got what they needed to start school this fall! Click here to read more!

Gay Kiss in High School Musical Causes Stir -
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Obama Administration Seeks To Address Homeless Crisis Among Gay Teens - Click here

Helping Gay Teens Find Help, And a Home
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Spiritual Institute

The Spiritual Institute (SI) is a coalition of individuals, representatives from various communities of faith, and True Colors. SI’s mission is to “create safe opportunities for LGBT youth to do their spiritual work”.  SI’s primary goals are to: 

  1. Create a set of workshops that can be incorporated into the annual true colors conference without violating the separation of church and state and

  2. To Identify, prioritize and produce some number of activities during the year in support of the mission.  Call for information about the next meeting: 888-565-5551, Ext. 302. 


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True Colors Launches Spiritual Institute

True Colors Unveils New Brand

True Colors Executive Director Wins Tapestry Award

Save the Date for Our Chocolate and Cheesecake Event





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